Le Magazine Des Cultures Physiques


The world is evolving.
There is a new culture of movement and style.
Athletica is here to document it.

Initiated by Christian Lartillot et Romain Vallos, the Athletica project
seeks to present the motion – and emotion – inherent to human life,
to showcase human spirit and anima, to capture the full range of physical
Athletica is a photography and lifestyle journal.
Athletica is a community of artists from all around the World.
From everyday gestures to Olympic feats and artistic expression,
and with athletes, dancers, performers and workers, we will show you
movement through fashion and documentary series.
Our subjects will share their myriad passions and discoveries with us,
from motocross to contemporary dance,
from gymnastics to martial arts,
and even military training.
The fruits of thought in movement.
In short, Athletica is simple, active, elegant, healthy, arty, stylish
In a word – modern.